The main peculiarities are:

  • thanks to less side effects it can be prescribed for elderly men and those with heart diseases;
  • action does not depend on alcohol, but fatty food can slow absorption;
  • hammer erection during 10-12 hours (compared with 3-4 hours by intake of Viagra);
  • good tolerance;
  • 20 mg of active ingredient – Vardenafil.

Unfortunately, age, failure of nutrition and lots of stresses are those reasons generating problems with sexual vigor. In course of time genital function begins to worsen. Thus a lot of men decide that now they have only memories about old times. But they are wrong: sexual function must work till great age. And such medications as Viagra or Levitra brings former sexual vigor back.
Among Viagra another one preparation exists – Levitra. While reading comments about Levitra we can notice numerous preferences and positive moments. It differs from Viagra as its duration period is 12 hours. So, purchase of Levitra ensures excellent readiness to sexual relationships even throughout long period of time. Besides, Levitra permits alcohol and rich food intake. While, in contrast, it is well-known that Viagra intake requires strict diet and no alcoholic beverages. As for contraindications, the present medication must not be used by persons under 18 years and those with heart diseases.
If you ask yourself a question “Where to buy Levitra?”, then you can easily order it through pharmacies or online stores. The advantage of the online stores is that they can offer better prices in comparison with the pharmacies. Another benefit is the customers’ reviews and ratings for certain remedy, that will enable you to make a grounded choice. Finally, many online stores offer free manufacturer coupons, which will allow you to get the discount when buying the medication, and therefore, save hundreds of dollars every year.